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clrmamepro 4.09


clrmamepro is a cool little rom manipulation and management engine for Windows.

The clrmame project started in 1997. The first release was a commandline based MS-DOS application. If you now think that it was the first auditing program I have to say: no, you're wrong. There was a tiny little tool (damn..I don't remember its name) which wasn't very powerful but was the first attemp to check your filecollections. I found it not very useful and was frustrated by cleaning filesets by hand at that time. So I decided to write my own utility. clrmame was written in C and was compiled with the GNU compiler. 1997 I changed it to a Windows GUI based program called clrmame For Windows. And finally 1998 clrmamepro was born and looks to be the most powerful ROM- Manager around. clrmamepro is written in C++ and is currently compiled with MS VS2008.



  • fixed: rename profiles (which are based on a xml dat) corrupts xml structure
  • fixed: fix missing doesn't look into parent set in rompaths in full merge mode it might oversee missing but fixable roms
  • misc: changed size of compressor settings window







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