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Mesen-S 0.4.0


Mesen-S is a cross-platform SNES emulator for Windows & Linux built in C++ and C#.




  • SPC7110 support
  • BS-X/Satellaview support
  • MSU-1 support
  • Run ahead support
  • Save states: Added load/save state menu
  • Video recorder: Added GIF format export option




  • Added performance profiler tool
  • Added assembler tool
  • Added memory access counters viewer
  • Added DSP debugger window
  • Added CX4 debugger window
  • Added "Go To All" tool to quickly navigate between labels/functions/files
  • Allow tile viewer to be used on all types of memory (and improved usability)
  • Improvements to event viewer (list view, sub-pixel display and better filters/colors)
  • Added SPC DSP and SA-1 state to register viewer
  • Improved syntax highlighting in disassembly and added options to customize disassembly style
  • Ability to export changes done to the ROM as an SFC or IPS file


Bug fixes


  • DSP: Fixed KOF register initial value to fix missing sound effects in a couple of games
  • SA-1: Fixed some bugs, improved timings and implemented some missing features (Fixes SMRPG)
  • IRQ/NMI: Improved timing/logic, fixes some issues in a number of games.
  • PPU: Fixed issues with mosaic effect
  • Debugger: Fixed some disassembly bugs and improved CA65 integration
  • Audio: Fixed issues with sound resampling that caused the sound quality to be slightly degraded







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