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Mark 5 Emulator 1.7.1


Mark 5 Emulator (BML3MK5) is a Hitachi Basic Master Level 3 Mark 5 (MB-6892) emulator for Windows and macOS, source code is also available.


Main functions:


  • CPU: 0.5 to 16 times speed
  • RAM: Standard 64KB + Extended 64KB (assuming MP-9764)
  • Screen display: High resolution up to 640x200 8 colors, IG
  • Sound: MUSIC_SEL, 6-harmonic PSG (assuming MP-9710), 9-harmonic PSG (I / O August 1983 issue)
  • Cassette tape input / output
  • Printer output
  • RS-232C input / output
  • Light pen input: emulated with mouse
  • Kanji ROM: MP-9740 assumed
  • FDD: Available by selecting
    • Assuming single-sided single-density (1S) 3-inch compact floppy (MP-3375, MP-1805)
    • Double-sided (2D) 5.25-inch mini floppy (MP-3550 / MP-3560, MP-1802)
    • Double-sided double-sided (2D) 8-inch standard floppy (MP-3630, MP-1806)


2020-04-11 Version 1.7.1


  • Fixed the bug that the KB register was cleared if there was no input after releasing the key.
  • Fixed the bug that 400ms delay of menu sound cannot be specified.
  • The screen display when changing the cursor skew of CRTC is closer to the actual machine.
  • [Debugger] Enabled to see which device generates an interrupt signal when tracing.
  • [Debugger] Register contents for 100 to 1000 lines are saved for traceback.
  • [Mac version] Fixed a bug that the screen might not be displayed at the next startup if the application is closed in the full screen state.
  • [Mac version] Moved the slider of sound volume dialog vertically.







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