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#CSpect 2.12.9


#CSpect V2.10.1 ZXSpectrum emulator by Mike Dailly.

Be aware...emulator is far from well tested, and might crash for any reason - sometimes just out of pure spite!






Windows - You will need the latest .NET, and openAL ( https://www.openal.org/downloads/ )

Linux - You will need the full MONO (on ubuntu do "apt-get install mono-devel" )

OSX - You will need the latest mono from https://www.mono-project.com/


NXtel release

NXtel is written by SevenFFF / Robin Verhagen-Guest and is (c) Copyright 2018,2019, all rights reserved, and released under the GPL3 License.

(See license here:https://github.com/Threetwosevensixseven/NXtel/blob/master/LICENSE).

Latest versions can be found here: https://github.com/Threetwosevensixseven/NXtel/releases.


Command Line Options

-zxnext = enable Next hardware registers
-nextrom = enable the Next ROM ("enNextZX.rom" and "enNxtmmc.rom" required)
-zx128 = enable ZX Spectrum 128 mode
-s7 = enable 7Mhz mode
-s14 = enable 14Mhz mode
-s28 = enable 28Mhz mode
-exit = to enable "EXIT" opcode of "DD 00"
-brk = to enable "BREAK" opcode of "DD 01"
-esc = to disable ESCAPE exit key (use exit opcode, close button or ALT+F4 to exit)
-cur = to map cursor keys to 6789 (l/r/d/u)
-8_3 = set filenames back to 8.3 detection
-mmc=<dir or file>= enable RST $08 usage, must provide path to "root" dir of emulated SD card (eg "-mmc=." or "-mmc=c:test")
-sd2=<pathfile> = Second SD card image file
-map=<pathfile> = SNASM format map file for use in the debugger. format is: "<16bit address> <physical address> <type> <primary_label>[@<local>]"
-sound = disable sound
-joy = disable joysticks
-w<size> = set window size (1 to 4)
-r = Remember window settings (in "cspect.dat" file, just delete the file to reset)
-16bit = Use the logical (16bit) addresses in the debugger only
-60 = 60Hz mode
-fullscreen = Startup in fullscreen mode
-vsync = Sync to display (for smoother scrolling when using "-60 -sound", but a little faster)
-com="COM?:BAUD" = Setup com port for UART. i.e. -com="COM5:115200". if not set, coms will be disabled.
-stop = Start in the debugger.
-log_cpu = Log the CPU status out
-basickeys = Enable Next BASIC key interface (F10 toggles)
-tv = Enable the TV shader (or CTRL+F1)


Been a while since the last update. This one adds the 2 new Next Registers that are required for the very latest NextOS - which is the main reason for doing this. There are a lot of other fixes as well....


#CSpect V2.12.8 changes

  • 50hz/60hz bit now set in NextReg 5
  • -debug added to the command line. You can now "start" in the debugger.
  • Minor Fix to 60Hz audio
  • Fixed AY partial port decoding
  • Fixed a minor reset stall when it was waiting on a HALT before the reset
  • NextReg 0x8c added
  • NextReg 0x8e added
  • Added AltRom1 support
  • Fixed a serial port "send" bug. Now sends the whole byte
  • Fixed tile attribute byte bit 7 - top bit of palette offset was being ignored
  • Fixed esxDOS date/time function (M_GETDATE $8E)
  • NEX file 1.3 now parsed... should load more things
  • NEX files get IRQs switched off when loaded (as per machine)
  • Fixed esxDOS date is wrong
  • Fixed Border colour now sets the palette entry as well
  • Fixed GetRegister() in plugins not working
  • Fixed Copper run then loop not working
  • Fixed Top line (in 256 pixel high view) is missing
  • Fixed DI followed by HALT should stop the CPU
  • Fixed Hires tilemap has clipping on far right
  • F8 not steps over conditional jumps and branches that go backwards. Branches forwards are taken
  • Fixed ADD HL/DE/BC,A no longer affects flags
  • Fixed OUTI so that B is decemented first. (OTIR was already like that)
  • Minor change to 60hz audio
  • NextReg 0x69 can now be read
  • DMA Continue mode added
  • Fixed a timing issue with DMA, so timing much better


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