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Steem SSE 4.0.1 R4


Steem SSE

Steem SSE stands for ST Enhanced EMulator Sensei Software Edition. It is an updated version of Steem. Features have been added and emulation has been improved. Steem SSE's goal is to keep the Atari ST alive in the hearts and minds of old and new generations.



Extract files to a folder of your choice. Text files should be in a 'doc' subdirectory and plugins (dll files) in a 'plugins' subdirectory. There's no setup program.

When you run a Steem 4 for the first time, it proposes to add a link to the new version in your start menu if you care about that. You may skip everything if Steem was already installed (but then you need to start a second time).


No change-log has been provided with this release.


Steem SSE





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