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Emma 02 1.35


Emma 02 is a multi-system computer emulator for various platforms. The emulation core was based on the RCS Elf Emulator copyright (C) 2006 by Michael H Riley.


The Emma 02 emulator runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. On this site I have described all emulated computers including all information I have collected to be able to write the emulator. Some information might be incomplete and possibly incorrect.


If you find any of the missing information, errors on these pages or bug reports on the emulator itself please drop me an email (email address is provided in the 'about' window of the emulator) alternatively post to our COMX Club forum or Emma 02 Facebook page.


the Emma 02 emulator is currently emulating the following computers:

  • COMX-35
  • Cosmac Elf 2000
  • Cosmicos
  • Cosmac Elf
  • Netronics Elf II
  • Quest Super Elf
  • Membership Card
  • VIP2K Membership Card
  • VELF
  • FRED 1
  • FRED 1.5
  • Microtutor
  • Microtutor II
  • CDP18S020 Evaluation Kit
  • Cosmac VIP
  • Cosmac VIP II
  • Microboard System, supporting CPU boards CDP18S600 to CDP18S610
    • CDP18S600 Microboard
    • CDP18S601 Microboard
    • CDP18S603A Microboard
  • MCDS, Microboard Computer Development System
  • MS 2000, MicroDisk Development System
  • RCA Video Coin Arcade
  • RCA Studio II
  • RCA Studio III / Victoy MPT-02
  • RCA Studio IV
  • Visicom COM-100
  • Cidelsa
  • Telmac TMC-600
  • Telmac 1800
  • Telmac 2000
  • Pecom 32 and 64
  • ETI 660


For detailed information, documentation and software about the COMX-35 please see our COMX Club pages.


Go to the download page to download the latest emulator release.


All source files can be found on https://github.com/etxmato/emma_02



  • Changed handling of GUI for different operating systems, simplifying changing settings for future OS support
  • Fixed a bug/crash on Linux when changing zoom with spin button
  • Changed zoom handling with spin button solving an issue with reducing size instead of increasing in some cases as well as the other way around



  • Added support in linux installation packages for OpenSUSE and Elementary OS, Zorin OS & Kali


Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf

  • Corrected multiple bugs in emulation of MC6847
  • Added SW from the Elf II Collection from a donated system by George Musser in 2017 to the Vintage Computer Federation museum at InfoAge in Wall NJ USA. Tapes and some documents were digitized and provided by Herb Johnson retrotechnology.com in 2019. Conversion and testing was done by me in 2019 and 2020.
    • Elf Games: Curses Foiled Again, Blackjack, Breakout, Pinball, Target Game, The 15 Puzzle, X-Ray (in 'Elf/Games' folder
    • Chip 8: Acey Deucy, Jackpot, Knockout, Tank Warfare (in 'Chip-8/Chip-8 Games' folder)
    • Chip 8 hybrid: Galaxy Patrol (in 'Chip-8/Chip-8 Hybrids' folder)
    • Super Basic (5.0): Backgammon, Border, Buble Sort, Checkers, Chemplay, Eliza (including 2 data files), Fetch, Graph, Haiku, Heat of Fusion, Kingdom, Life Expectancy, Love, Regression Analysis, Seabat IV, Time Line, Titration, Turning Machine, Variable Elimination (all in 'Elf/SuperBasic' folder, provided as listing in txt format as well as .super Emma 02 format)
    • Tiny basic: tinybasic and tinybasic_vdu, two tiny basic 'Tic tac toe' versions, multiplication, day of week.bas, polynomial addition, polynomial dividison, simultaneous equations (all in 'Elf/TineBasic' folder)
    • VDU SW: Animal Race, Backgammon, Baseball, Biorhytm, Bowling, chip-10, Craps, Dogfight, Galaxy Patrol, Lunar Lander, Miniature Golf, Monitor Editor, Tank Struggle, Tinybasic_vdu, Wumpus (all in 'Elf/VDU folder). All these use an Elf with VDU (MC6847) video chip. The mode of the chip is not set by an OUT instruction but instead set by writing to address FFxx and bit 6/7 in video memory. As far as I have figured out from the manual and code A/S is linked to bit 6 and INV to bit 7 of video memory. CSS bit 1, INT/EXT bit 2, A/G bit 4, GM0-GM2 bit 5 to 7 of address FFxx. Two configurations are provided VDU / Ascii keyboard and VDU / Hex keypad, first for Tiny basic and Monitor, second for the games.


Emma 02





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