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Altirra 3.90 Test 11




  • Emulates the Atari 400/800, 1200XL, 600/800XL, 130XE, XEGS, and 5200 systems.
  • Full, cycle-exact emulation of all documented hardware features.
  • Best-in-class emulation accuracy of undocumented hardware behavior, including undocumented 6502 instructions, precise DMA timing, mid-screen register changes, hardware bugs, and cycle-precise timer IRQs.
  • Support for most popular 8-bit image file formats: ATR, ATX, ATZ, DCM, XFD, PRO, ARC, BAS, ROM, BIN, A52, CAS, SAP.
  • Contains reimplemented versions of OS, BASIC, and handler ROMs to run 8-bit software with high compatibility without needing Atari ROMs.
  • Emulation of over three decades of hardware expansions, including memory expansions, cartridge expansions, Parallel Bus Interface (PBI) devices, modems, and 65C02/65C816 accelerators.
  • Accurate emulation of multiple disk drive types with options for accelerated disk loads, realistic disk timing, and drive sounds.
  • Flexible display with Direct3D/OpenGL acceleration, aspect ratio options, easy resizing, and artifacting support.
  • Audio and video recording, cheat trainer, DOS disk explorer with drag-and-drop, and text mode copy/paste.
  • Powerful debugger with label decoding, source-level stepping, conditional breakpoints/tracepoints, watchpoints, execution history with loop/call/interrupt folding, and profiling.
  • Native Windows UI with theme support, per-monitor high DPI support, file associations, and DirectInput/XInput controllers.
  • Both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions available.


  • Amdek AMDC-I/II emulation (disk only, no printer).
  • Fixed 6809 emulation bugs with 5-bit indexing, ADCB #imm, and JMP ext instructions.
  • Fixed 6809 disassembly of LDX #imm instructions and some indirect modes.
  • Disassembly window now supports function separation and peeking for 6809, 65C02, and 65C816.
  • Fixed FDC Read Address command returning incorrect track/side on side 2.
  • ATR8000 side select is now hooked up.
  • Fixed logical-to-physical sector mapping on side 2 when using full disk emulators. There are now three separate modes depending on the drive: XF551 (side 2 reversed), ATR8000/Amdek (side 2 forward), and PERCOM (side 2 reversed by off by one).
  • Indus GT write protect latch is now hooked up so disk change based density detection works, and added button combo for forcing density detection.
  • Indus GT SIO ready sensing is now supported.
  • Fixed multiple incompatible disk warnings in a row.


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