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GPMD85Emulator is a multiplatform GNU/GPL version of emulator of the Tesla PMD 85, an 8-bit personal micro-computer and compatible models produced in eighties of 20th century in former Czechoslovakia.



  • emulation of all integrated circuits: Intel i8080, 8255, 8253 and 8251
  • emulation of basic models: PMD 85-1, PMD 85-2, PMD 85-2A, PMD 85-3
  • emulation of compatible models: Consul 2717, Didaktik Alfa, Didaktik Alfa 2 and Maťo
  • emulation of standard tape, load/save operations and Tape Browser
  • read/write of memory blocks from/to file
  • emulation of ROM modules
  • emulation of PMD 32 disk drive
  • display sizes 100%, 200%, 300% and 400%
  • adaptive full-screen mode on current resolution
  • scan-line or LCD emulation scalers
  • monochromatic, standard and color graphic modes
  • optional OpenGL screen rendering (less CPU load)
  • speaker sound
  • loading and saving snapshots



GPMD85Emulator download | SourceForge.net