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Speccy emulates once popular Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer, its upgraded versions, and its clones. As Speccy is written in a portable C programming language, it may run on many different platforms, such as desktops, palmtops, cell phones, set-top boxes, newer videogame consoles, DVD players, and even digital cameras. Currently available are Speccy binaries for Windows and MSDOS, with ports to more platforms coming soon. You can always get the latest Speccy binaries and support files from




Although I had done some ZX-related work in the past and even maintained comp.sys.sinclair FAQ at some point, for many years I abstained from writing a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator. It was mostly due to the fact that there were so many other Spectrum emulators around, so writing another one seemed redundant. On the other hand, the lack of a Speccy emulator felt like a gaping hole on my resume :). So, here it is, yet another Spectrum emulator, trivially named Speccy. Currently, Speccy is not a commercial project but rather a test bed to try out different things before introducing them into my other emulators. Thus, feel free to use it as you wish (as long as it is not commercial). If you find a bug, have an idea on the further Speccy development, or would like to port Speccy to a new platform, please, let me know either by email, or by using the EMUL8 discussion group.


Since its creation, Speccy has been ported to Windows, MSDOS, and Symbian platforms. The latter works on Nokia's phones running the 3rd edition of the S60 software. For more information on Speccy-Symbian and my other Symbian projects, see





The current version of Speccy has the following features:

  • Platforms
    • Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16kB
    • Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48kB
    • Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128kB
    • Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2
    • Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2A
    • Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3
    • Timex Sinclair TC2048
    • Timex Sinclair TS2068
    • Sam Coupe (unfinished)
    • Didaktik Gama
    • Pentagon
    • Scorpion
  • Input File Formats
    • .SNA Spectrum Snapshots (48kB and 128kB)
    • .Z80 Spectrum Snapshots (versions 1 through 3)
    • .TAP Tape Images
    • .TZX Tape Images
    • .FDI Disk Images
    • .DSK Disk Images (CPCEMU format)
    • .TRD Disk Images
    • .SCL Disk Images
    • .SCR Screen Dumps
    • .POK Cheat Files
  • Output File Formats
    • .SNA Spectrum Snapshots (48kB and 128kB)
    • .Z80 Spectrum Snapshots (versions 1 through 3)
    • .FDI Disk Images
    • .TRD Disk Images
    • .SCL Disk Images
    • .SCR Screen Dumps
    • .MID MIDI Soundtracks (both PSG and beeper are saved)
  • Input Devices
    • CapsShift+Cursor
    • Cursor/Protek/AGF Joystick
    • Kempston Joystick
    • Fuller Joystick
    • Sinclair Interface II Joysticks
    • Kempston Mouse
    • AMX Mouse (unfinished)
  • Printers
    Graphical printers are emulated by writing each dot as a character into a text file. This creates large text "canvases" that you can scale in a word processor by changing their font size, then print them on a real printer. Character printers simply output text to a file.
    • ZX Printer
    • Timex TS2040
    • Alphacom32
    • ZX128 printer
  • Audio
    • ZX128-compatible AY8910 PSG
    • Fuller AY8910 PSG
  • Other Devices
    Some of these are unfinished, but being worked on.
    • ULA+ Video
    • Multiface
    • BetaDisk/TR-DOS
    • Sinclair Interface I (unfinished)
    • DISCiPLE (unfinished)
    • PlusD (unfinished)
  • Other
    • Built-in debugger.
    • Built-in configuration menu
    • Beeper output conversion to melodic tones.
    • Soundtrack logging into MIDI files.
    • Automatic fire for joysticks.
    • Emulation state saving and loading.
    • Network multiplayer mode (Windows, Symbian).
    • Simulated TV scanlines (Windows, MSDOS, Symbian).
    • Video image interpolation (Windows, MSDOS, Symbian).
    • Optional pause when window becomes inactive (Windows).
    • Scanline effect simulation (Windows).
    • Resizable window (Windows).
    • Full-screen mode (Windows, MSDOS, Symbian).
    • Virtual keyboard (Symbian).
    • Configurable screen orientation (Symbian).
    • Configurable backlight control (Symbian).