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QDAE is a Quick and Dirty Apricot Emulator for Linux, Windows and MacOS X. This version emulates the Apricot F1, Xi and Portable; it may support other F-series and PC-series Apricots as well.

QDAE 0.0.8 and later also emulate the Wang Professional Computer.

Features wholly or partly implemented are:

  • Emulates the 8086 processor (using the CPU emulation from GDE).
  • Emulates the infrared keyboard and mouse well enough to boot DOS and use GEM.
  • Emulates the screen (using SDL).
  • Emulates the floppy drives (using LibDsk).
  • Emulates the support chipset (Z80-CTC, Z80-SIO, i8089, i8253, i8259) well enough to boot.
  • Up to two Winchester disks (hard drives).

Features not implemented are:

  • Speech input.
  • The 8086 single-step interrupt.


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