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UKNCBTL - UKNC Back to Life! is a project of the Soviet school computer simulation UKNC built on two processors KM1801VM2 compatible with the family of PDP-11. The project began in July 2006 and moved to open source in March 2008.

Code-based project started UKNCBTL emulator BC - BKBTL .

The project consists of three branches, all branches use the same core emulation (see folder emubase):

UKNCBTL - written under Win32, a set of versions of Windows - 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.

UKNCBTL.Qt - is based on the Qt and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

UKNCBTL.SDL - used to display SDL, works under Windows

State of the emulator

Beta. Works RT-11 and its clones, run many programs. Running boot from floppy disks, cassettes of ROM and hard drive.


  • both processors (tests 791 401, 791 402, 691 404 pass)
  • memory controllers
  • video controller
  • drive controller (standard MZ)
  • ROM cartridges
  • sound
  • hard drive (IDE-command 91h, 20h, 30h, ech) - boots, read / write
  • tape - read / write a WAV PCM
  • joint C2 (serial port) to the real COM-port PC - experimentally
  • Parallel Port - Experimental

Not emulated:

LAN; RAM-disk. Problem areas: CPU timings, CPU interrupt controller, timer board.

It is possible to download:

  • an image of the ROM cartridge (the only available way - Cassette BASIC Vilnius)
  • with disk image formats are supported. dsk (only the data sectors, the size of 819,200 bytes or 409,600 bytes) and. rtd (same, plus a 256-byte header)
  • an image of the hard drive (only the driver from WD "Digital work")
  • of WAV-file - emulation boot from the tape through joint C2

In addition to the emulator, the project includes the utilities:

  • RT11DSK - for working with disk images - you can view the table of contents disk, extract and compress files (still limited);
  • SAV2WAV - converts. SAV-files to WAV format for download from the tape recorder input.
  • UkncComSender - sends. SAV-file on UKNC through joints C2 (COM-port)
  • ESCParser - converts the data file for the printer Robotron CM6329.01M (ESC / P) format SVG / PostScript