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Genieous EACE EG2000 Colour Genie emulator

What's a Colour Genie?

The Colour Genie was the heavily modified offspring of the EACA VideoGenie. It had 16 colours and were mounted with a CRTC display IC as well as a General Instruments AY-3-8910 PSG. Later revisions had modified colours, screen size as well as various expansions and an updated BASIC ROM.

The Colour Genie was marketed in Europe (UK/Germany) and also in New Zealand and Australia.

The current version of the emulator supports the unexpanded Colour Genie.

What's this thing I've just downloaded?

Emulator, that imitates the behaviour of a piece of computer hardware on another platform, in this specific case thus an 8-bit Colour Genie is emulated on the 32-bit Windows platform (natively).

Although two very good Colour Genie emulator exist, they are made to run under MS-DOS, are outdated and no longer maintained.

Genieous is freeware, and may be distributed freely if unaltered, and the copyright notice is retained. As a consequence, the author take no responsibilities whatsoever for any damage caused by this emulator. In short: use it at your own risk! 

Genieous aims to exploit the benefits of a graphical user interface with features such as drag'n'drop, intuitive menus etc.

Features of the Genieous emulator

  • full and cycle exact Z80 CPU core with NMI interrupt (RESET)
  • partial CRTC 6545 emulation
  • support for 16 and 32 kb memory setups
  • 3 channel AY-3-8910 PSG emulation along with the noise and envelope generators
  • full keyboard emulation, with optional symbolic mapping
  • read/write support for the CAS tape format
  • read/write support for tape WAV format
  • tape sound

Missing features of the emulator

  • I/O port on the YM2149/AY-3-8190 sound board is not emulated (printer & joystick)
  • the CRTC emulation is incomplete
  • disk emulation is broken



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