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Java implementation of a VIC-20 Emulator that focuses on emulation and debugging features. It is not as complete (or nearly as fast) as other emulators. As a toy project in Java I did it just for the fun of virtually rebuilding old hardware in Software and reviving memories...


  • Mostly complete (but slow) emulation of CPU, VIC, VIAs.
  • Peripheral emulation: video, keyboard & joystick.
  • Debugger works and can use symbol tables (e.g. from ca65/ld65).
  • Loads rom images and prg files.
  • Not well documented.


  • Download the zip package and extract it to your local harddisk
  • On windows: Either run vic20emu.exe or runemu.bat (needs jre 1.6.x)
  • Other platforms: take a look at runemu.bat for java setup.

Usage (from source)

  • Checkout source.
  • Get ROM images somewhere else (e.g. from VICE or ftp.zimmers.net)
  • Look into emulator.VicMain and edit the path to ROM images.
  • Run emulator.VicMain and have fun!
  • Build your own extensions and improvements ;-)

Android port (new, contributed by Lee Fuller)

  • Checkout branch "android"
  • Build project
  • Use "adb install bin/Vicoid20.apk" to install it on your Android device.