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BasiliskII for Vita


BasiliskII for Vita is a Port of BasiliskII to the Vita. Based off Chilly Willy's excellent port to the PSP.



  • Original video modes from psp port plus new native res for vita:
    • 512x384
    • 640x360
    • 640x480
    • 726x544 - Native 4x3
    • 768x432
    • 768x576
  • Sound
  • No support for the following currently:
    • Depth modes other than 8 bit
    • UDP tunnelling
    • External keyboard or keyboard input
    • Native file system access


Known Issues

  • Crashes after coming out of standby


How to install

  • Install BasiliskII.vpk in the usual way
  • Create folder in ux0:/data/BasiliskII
  • Follow psp installation guide except folders/files should go into ux0:/data/BasiliskII
  • ie rom into ux0:/data/BasiliskII/roms, disk images into ux0:/data/BasiliskII/disks
  • Modify BasiliskII_prefs from psp Basilisk release. Modify paths to rom and disk images as appropriate
  • Change screen to one of the supported resolutions Note only 8 bit depth is supported screen 726/544/8
  • Copy BasiliskII_prefs to ux0:/data/BasiliskII


Additional Notes

  • Only tested with OS 7.5.5, modelid 5 and cpu 3



  • Chilly Willy for his excellent psp port