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LisaEm emulates Apple Computer's Lisa 2/5 computer.

LisaEm is the world's first Lisa emulator project, started in late 1997, and it is the first to be able to emulate enough of the Lisa hardware accurately enough so as to be run the Lisa Office 7/7. While other emulators for the Lisa exist now, they do so because of the efforts of this project.

LisaEm attempts not just to emulate the Lisa computer, but also provide as much of the experience of using an actual Lisa and several of its peripherals.

LisaEm currently runs on the win32, OS X, and Linux platforms. It should run on any platform where wxWidgets 2.8 will compile, possibly requiring some modifications.

LisaEm is built around James Ponder's Generator CPU core, which has been heavily modified to fully support Lisa's memory management unit.