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ArcEm is a Acorn A400 hardware emulator that is highly portable, it currently runs on Unix (X Windows), Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, the GP2X handheld, RISC OS and Amiga OS 4.

As it's a hardware emulator it's capable of running multiple operating systems including RISC OS 3.10 and ARM Linux.




Features of version 1.00

  • Acorn A400 with ARM 2 processor
  • Runs RISC OS and ARM Linux
  • 4MB of RAM
  • Support for .adf floppy disc images
  • Support for ST506 hard discs up to 64MB in size


Additional features of the CVS version

  • VIDC1 sound support on the Unix build (requires pthreads and OSS sound library)
  • 2MB, 4MB, 8MB, 12MB or 16MB of RAM
  • Emulate 'Extension ROMs' as found in the Acorn A4
  • ARM3 emulation
  • ArcEm clock set from Host's clock, partial RTC support.
  • RISC OS specific features
    • HostFS - A RISC OS file system to allow use of a directory on the Host Filing system as a virtual hard drive, Unix/Mac OS/Amiga only
    • Mouse Scroll wheel support
    • Extra video modes, up to 1024x768 in 16 colours and 800x600 in 256 colours.


ArcEm - The Acorn Archimedes Emulator