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bZSNES is a portable ZSNES emulator for Windows, OS X and Linux; written in C++. It is licensed under the GNU GPLv2.


bZSNES emulates almost all of the major features of ZSNES:

  • VRAM can be written at any time, even while screen is rendering
  • OAM and CGRAM can also be written at any time
  • DSP echo buffer writes do not interfere with APURAM
  • DRAM does not need to be periodically refreshed
  • H/DMA synchronization does not steal CPU time
  • auto joypad polling results can be read immediately
  • CPU multiplication and division register results can be read immediately
  • mid-scanline writes to PPU registers do not interfere with video output
  • PPU background and sprite layers can be individually toggled on and off
  • DSP voice channels can be individually toggled on and off
  • CPU speed can be adjusted from its official frequency
  • ... and more!


bZSNES is sure to be highly compatible with software made for ZSNES, such as:

  • BS Zelda [English translation]
  • Bahamut Lagoon [English translation]
  • Sailor Moon: Another Story [English translation]
  • Super Mario World [Addmusic hacks]
  • ... and much more!