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VirtuaNES s a NES / Famicom emulator for Win32 by Mr Norix. Many of the software is operational at present made in Japan.

Readme.txt and etc. menu (which is safe even beginners emulates all Japanese because it is a dedicated help file is also available). Installation, you simply extract the archive to a suitable folder. Uninstall simply delete the folder (the registry is not used). VirtuaNES is freeware. (Mr. Norix) will not be held responsible for any damage due to any author of this software. Please use at your own risk.


As a feature of VirtuaNES following points in particular is raised.

  • TV mode with actual ratio. Screen will be displayed at the same size as the actual TV (the ratio of 4:3).
  • TV equipped with a pseudo-mode. Displays the scan line. You can also adjust the brightness of the color line scan.
  • TV frame can be displayed. Displays the chassis frame, such as was the old TV and arcades.
  • MMC5 probably complete. With SPLIT MODE / SPLIT SCROLL, please see a demo of the SDF Space Guard.
  • Plug-in language support. (Plug-in is required) localized by language plug-ins.
  • Light work. I think fall into this category, especially in light of the NES emulator.
  • Reproducibility of the sound is great. Mr. Norix commitment is felt.


When you turn on all the "Show all 240 lines," you can reproduce the TV screen of the actual in computer monitor "Display of TV frame", "TV mode" pseudo, "Correction to TV size", in Graphics Settings.


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