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Olafnes Rebuild


Olafnes is an enhanced unofficial continuation of the basicnes 2000 project (as of version 1.5 [debug level 1]), a nintendo entertainment system emulator by don jarrett, david finch, and tobias strömstedt. the majority of source code in olafnes was not written by me, therefore i take no credit for the appropriate portions. however, all additions/alterations to the source code of basicnes 2000 v1.5 [debug level 1] are entirely by me (unless stated otherwise) in olafnes.

The original set of releases of olafnes were based on basicnes 2000 v1.5 [debug level 2], but i have since moved to v1.5 [debug level 1]. this release was much faster on older pcs, and i fixed it up to have the best of original olafnes releases and v1.5 [debug level 2]. these releases won't appear too different from the original set of releases, but it's all "under-the-hood" work and menu changes basically.