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Nessie is a NES emulator for Windows. You can use it to play NES/Famicom games on your PC.


Nessie provides a simple interface with only a few options, so that you can enjoy the games instead of having to tweak the program to make it work. This is sometimes good and somtimes bad since certain extra features are not available. However, if you're just looking to play some classic NES games then Nessie would be your choice.


Almost all released NES games work fine with Nessie. There are still a couple that aren't supported yet, they are listed here.

Free software:

As most other NES emulators, Nessie is released under the GNU GPL which means that you may copy or modify it freely as long as you don't place any restrictions on it (such as not releasing the source for your modified version).

Nessie's source code is included inside the executable - just open it with RosAsm and you'll see the source.


Nessie NES emulator - Nessie