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PocketNES is a Nintendo 8-bit emulator for Gameboy Advance.


  • Emulates the NES in full speed
  • Emulates all sound channels
  • Emulates some of the NES mappers (more info)
  • Link play support for up to 4 players, single cart and multi cart (more info)
  • Scaled mode: shrinks the NES display down to fit in the GBA screen, sprite scaling optional (more info)
  • Unscaled mode: the NES display is in full size cut off by the GBA screen (more info)
  • State and SRAM saving support, up to 56kbyte, about 10-20 compressed states
  • Sleep mode, auto sleep after 5 minutes, start+select to wake up
  • Autofire
  • Accelerated mode and slow motion
  • 1P/2P Controller switchable
  • Sprite following in unscaled mode. (creator) (more info)
  • Optional splash screen (creator) (more info)