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GEST is a Gameboy/Gameboy Color/SGB emulator for Windows.


  • open source
  • written in C/C++
  • Graphics use DirectDraw
  • sound uses FMOD
  • most of graphics, sound and SGB emulation code is based on VisualBoyAdvance


  • emulates the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy
  • very compatible, only a few games have serious problems, see compatibility list
  • very accurate graphics and sound emulation based on VisualBoyAdvance source
  • video size select
  • you can choose from four color palettes in Game Boy mode
  • battery backed RAM saved to a file
  • Game Boy Camera emulation
  • Gameboy link emulation + imperfect IR link emulation
  • Autofire buttons
  • Save states
  • Video layers can be disabled
  • Sound channels can be disabled
  • GBA stretch simulation (for lols)
  • GBC default palettes when playing non GBC games can be changed during gameplay
  • Game Genie cheat codes (up to 10 can be used at the same time)
  • zipped roms supported
  • SGB multiplayer (2-4 players)
  • customizable controls and one joystick can be used
  • supports memory bank controllers: MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5, MBC7, HuC1, HuC3, TAMA5 (imperfect) and GB Camera
  • MBC3, HuC3 and TAMA5(imperfect/broken?) RTC emulation
  • Rockman 8 and collection/multi-carts emulation
  • Barcode Boy emulation (imperfect)

Missing Features:

  • Game Boy Printer emulation
  • Four player adapter
  • GBC built-in palettes for some GB games e.g. Tennis, Zelda
  • Furu Changer emulation (Zok Zok Heroes (J))
  • Barcode Reader emulation (Bardigun (J))
  • Mobile Adapter GB emulation (Mobile Trainer (J))
  • some SGB features:
    • sound/music (Animaniacs,Pocahontas,etc.)
    • SNES sprites
    • SNES CPU (Space Invaders '94 arcade mode)
    • borders that have a non-square GB window (Mario's Picross, Desert Strike, Animaniacs,Super Snaky)