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EmuCenter2 is a simplistic interface that combines the best emulators for video game consoles with greater simplicity


EmuCenter2 Highlights :

  • A simple interface that combines all your games (emulation, pc or internet). 
  • Automatic seeking of cover, description, slideshow and note of the game
  • Brings together the most popular console emulators for both 32 and 64 bits.
  • Sets all emulators for immediate use with good settings. 
  • Brings together the most common settings for all emulators on the same page.


Supported consoles :

  • NEC : Turbografx 16 Nintendo : Nes, Super nes, Gameboy, 64, Gamecube, DS and Wii
  • Sega : Master system, Genesis, Gamegear, Saturn and Dreamcast
  • Sony : PlayStation 1, 2 and PSP
  • Other : Neogeo and arcade systems (Capcom CPS, Taito, Sega model 2, Arcade LaserDisc, ...)


Installation steps :

  • Download and install EmuCenter2 (If you have no games -> section Links)
  • Run EmuCenter2
  • Add a game (right click, choose menu 'Add' or set directories of your games storage in the 'Options' 'File' menu)
  • Double click on the game displayed in the main window to start the game
  • Have fun!! 


EmuCenter2 - Interface multi-émulateurs



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