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Emu Loader


Emu Loader is a graphical user interface (GUI) for arcade emulators and MAME emulator. Compatible with all versions of Windows (WinXP and newer).

This frontend started as a hobby and a learning project. I first discovered MAME in 1997.


WARNING: DOS MAME and MAME32 are not supported by the frontend!




Emulators supported (latest versions of all emulators only, except MAME/HBMAME)


  • MAME v0.37 beta 15 and newer (variants: UME; SDLMAME; SDLUME; MAME Plus!; WolfMAME)
  • ZiNc v1.1
  • Daphne
  • Demul
  • SEGA Model 2 Emu v1.0 and v1.1a
  • Supermodel: SEGA Model 3
  • HBMAME (HomeBrew MAME)
  • DICE: Discrete Integrated Circuit Emulator
  • Support for non-arcade machines and games from software lists (MAME 0.162 and newer only)
  • Support for split ROMs (zip/7-zip only)
  • Detection of MAME/HBMAME merged clone sets (full scan mode only)


NOTE: Merged sets are NOT fully supported by the frontend and I recommend stay away from them


  • Multiple favorites lists (no limit)
  • Support for 7-Zip ROMs. It requires an external 7z.dll file to work. MAME, HBMAME and Demul emulators only
  • Three scan games modes (audit)
  • Full scan with full ROMs validation thru CRC32 checksum and CHDs thru SHA-1 or MD5 checksum
  • Quick scan to simply search for main game files, no validation
  • Force games available to set games available no matter what, with no files search or validation
  • Support for several image categories: title snapshots, game snapshots, marquees, flyers, cabinets, control panels, control panel layouts, PCBs, in-game artworks
  • Preview snapshots (unzipped and zipped). Max of 10 snapshots per game (and per image category) Zipped images filenames are fixed (same filename for all emulators):
    • Title Snapshot......: titles.zip
    • In-Game Snapshot....: snap.zip
    • Marquee.............: marquees.zip
    • Flyer...............: flyers.zip
    • Cabinet.............: cabinets.zip
    • Control Panel.......: cpanel.zip
    • Control Panel Layout: cpanellayout.zip
    • PCB.................: pcb.zip
    • In-Game Artwork.....: snapartwork.zip
  • Video preview playback. Watch a video sample of your games when browsing the games list
  • any video and audio format can be used, limited only by your system
  • any media player can be used as long as it can load files from the command line
  • support for command line switches so you can have more control over the media player
  • Extra snapshots using full game names. This is an unique Emu Loader feature to avoid similar filenames to be mixed up. Format: "fullgamename0000.png" (e.g.: galaga0000.png instead of gala0000.png)
  • Image layouts view mode. View up to three image categories at the same time
  • Support for MAMu_ icons, one folder per system (unzipped or zipped)... MAMEUI / MAME32 icons might not be fully compatible Icon files can have multiple icons with different sizes: 48x48; 32x32; 24x24; 16x16 (one for each games list view mode)
  • Random game selection (only thru Ctrl+R hotkey or games popup menu)
  • Advanced games filters, including a search bar with customizable settings
  • Incremental search by game title or game name Just type the game title or game name for a quick acccess (partial strings support)
  • Custom game/driver options (driver settings for MAME/HBMAME only)
  • Support several .dat files: mameinfo.dat, messinfo.dat, history.dat, story.dat (MAMEscore v2), marp.dat
  • Run multi-slot machines by selecting multiple games in list: "Neo-Geo MVS", "Sega Meta-Tech", "ST-V"
  • Easy access with popup menus, toolbar buttons and hot keys
  • Rename/delete preview snapshots (unzipped only)
  • Long file/folder names friendly
  • Browse games list with Detonator II / HotRod SE / SlikStik and X-Arcade arcade controllers (limited functions)
  • Full screen mode. Shows only games list and preview snapshots, no tool bars or Windows title bar
  • Delete/copy/move game files directly from the frontend (.zip; .7z; .cfg; nvram; .dat; etc). Recycle bin not supported!
  • Game columns customization (details and grouped view modes)
  • Basic detection of bad .zip files to prevent frontend crashes (ZipForge library)
  • Frontend settings are stored in .ini files. Windows registry is never used!
  • View complete web game info directly in images panel (ProgettoEMMA website)
  • Grouped view mode. List games in "parent + clone games" groups format. (columns sort is disable in this view)
  • CatVer support (catver.ini or catver_full.ini from AntoPISA). View category and version added in your games list (MAME only)
  • Nplayers support (nplayers.ini). Shows how many players a game support (MAME only)
  • Languages support (languages.ini). Show language for each game (MAME only)
  • Category ini for MESS ("category_home.ini" from AntoPISA). Category of MESS machines and for proper non-arcade machines filtering (MAME 0.162 and newer only)
  • Version ini for MESS ("version.ini" from AntoPISA). Version added of MESS machines in your games list (MAME 0.162 and newer only)
  • MAME Machines Side Panel to list all MAME machines with software list games,  to filter games by machine ("Machine" tool bar button)
  • MAMu_ Icons Manager. Neat feature to manage game icons. Specially coded for the icons master, MAMu_
  • Alpha-blend icons support (32 bits)


Emu Loader: MAME and Arcade Frontend