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DSP Emulator 0.18 WIP 11/06/2017


Well, this is just another emulator... but, what's the difference? This is a pascal open source emulator using Delphi/Lazarus environment. There are not many emulators in pascal...


Yes, its open source, you can compile it yourself. But you cannot use it for commercial purposes.


Since version 0.9b3 has ported to Lazarus/Free Pascal, so there is a Linux 32/64bits version available.


Since version 0.14b3 there is a Mac OSX 32bits WIP version.


What's New!!! DSP Emulator


11/06/17 - DSP Emulator 0.18WIP. Win32 binary and source updated.


At last I have emulated (not simulated) two Game and Watch games!. Thanks to MAME for the ROMs and the info.

  • General
    • SM510: Added new CPU
  • Spectrum
    • Simplified and standardized speaker functions
  • Game and Watch
    • Donkey Kong Jr: Added game with sound
    • Donkey Kong II: Added game with sound






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