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Nintaco 2017/04/11 Beta


Nintaco is a work in progress. It is a NES-Famicom-Dendy emulator written in Java 8, ostensibly making it cross-platform. The full source will be made available per LGPLv2.1.


Getting Started

  • If double-clicking the jar does not automatically launch the emulator, try: java -jar Nintaco.jar
  • Configure input: Options | Button Mapping...
  • If you are using an 8 button controller, such as a USB NES gamepad, try mapping Rewind Time to Start + B.
  • If you want to resume at arbitrary points in the past: Tools | Watch History... and Resume Here


No idea what is new in this release, no change-log has been provided.


Nintaco -- NES-Famicom-Dendy Emulator