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XEBRA 2017-03-16


XEBRA is a PlayStation emulator for Windows & recently Android with a focus on accurate emulation of the PSX hardware.


Change-log has been translated from Japanese into English gibberish.


  • Correction of timer 1
    • With the mode to raise a count by internal system clock in timer 1.
    • There is one a mode to raise a count in HSYNC.
    • It's able to hold a count rise at both of them in VBLANK.
    • Because I couldn't think there were circumstances stopped by an internal system clock mode.
    • Without stopping for easiness, the pseudo-reproduction which makes a count finish slowly has been adopted.
    • Because I found out that the game by which a question is given exists if it was this recently.
    • I decided to stop an internal system clock mode accurately.






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