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DSP Emulator 0.17b2


Well, this is just another emulator... but, what's the difference? This is a pascal open source emulator using Delphi/Lazarus environment. There are not many emulators in pascal...


Yes, its open source, you can compile it yourself. But you cannot use it for commercial purposes.


Since version 0.9b3 has ported to Lazarus/Free Pascal, so there is a Linux 32/64bits version available.


Since version 0.14b3 there is a Mac OSX 32bits WIP version.


11/03/17 - DSP Emulator 0.17b2 Final. All binary and source updated.


All WIP previous enhacements


  • General:
    • Fixed a bug when entering the options menu without starting a driver (Thanks to FJ Marti)
    • If a driver is not initialized when exiting the list, no buttons are displayed
    • Added multiple directories for arcade ROMS separated by ';' (requested by Davide)
    • Fixed enter full screen when changing from video menu
    • K054000: Added protection chip
    • K053246-K053247-K055673: Implemented functions to show sprites
  • GameBoy/GameBoy Color
    • Rewritted the video functions
    • Corrected read/write of MBC5 mapper extra memory
    • Corrected the sound 'mode 3'
    • Corrected reading of the joystick/buttons when ussing the IRQ
    • Improved way to compare the current line that generates an IRQ
    • Improved timings of the current line
    • GameBoy Color
  • Corrected the size of the palette records. Fixed when the palette pointer is automatically advanced
  • Improved way to change speed
    • Improved loading a cartridge with an extra header before the data
    • Added mappers HuC-1 (to be confirmed) and MBC2
  • Pacman HW
    • Added the rest of dipswitch
    • Added screen rotation
    • Crush Roller: Added driver with sound
  • Galaxian HW
    • Fixed Scrambre sound, caused errors when closing the driver
    • Corrected audio initialization
    • TMNT: Changed the ROMS to 2 players version
  • The Simpsons
    • Fixed video and audio
    • Graphics problems (possible bug in the CPU)
    • Changed the ROMS to the 2 Players version (requested by Davide)
  • Vendetta (requested by Davide)
    • Added driver with sound






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