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Yanese is a free Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator for Windows XP,Vista, 7 and 8 under x86 and x64 processors.

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Pasofami is a Nintendo Entertainment / Nintendo Famicom emulator and debugger for Windows. Originally making it's debut in 1995 Pasofami was one of the first Famicom emulators to come out of Japan and over time has developed a rich feature set.

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kindred is an Emulator designed to aid in the development of software intended for use on a home video computer. While a number of years have been spent perfecting the software, it is not guaranteed to be 100% compatible. 

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Only mapper 000-004, 016, 153, 159  is supported at the moment.

Requires graphics card glsl version 330 or above.

How to use graphics pack editor (for CHR ROM games only!):

  • Recommanded way to create a graphics pack for a new game 
    • Select "Manual" for "Generate data for graphics pack editor" on the "Video" page.
    • Play the game as usual.
    • Press "Generate data" key (default F5) when the

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VirtuaNES Plus


VirtuaNES Plus is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator branched from VirtuaNES that focuses on optimization and adding new features to the original emulator.



puNES is an emulator under development that works on Linux32/64 and Windows32/64. The SDL version, of course, needs of SDL libraries to run. Uncompress the zip/tar file in a subdirectory and use. The emulator, finally, support compressed archives.



VirtuaNES s a NES / Famicom emulator for Win32 by Mr Norix. Many of the software is operational at present made in Japan. Readme.txt and etc. menu (which is safe even beginners emulates all Japanese because it is a dedicated help file is also available). Installation, you simply extract the archive to a suitable folder. Uninstall simply delete the folder (the registry is not used). VirtuaNES is

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UberNES is a free NES emulator for Windows that provides fast, accurate emulation along with features never seen before in emulators.

Sega Li


Sega Li is a freeware open source NES/Famicom emulator for Microsoft Windows.



RockNES is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) videogame emulator. It's fully coded in C and uses the Allegro library for audio, video and input devices, plus the zLib library for compressed files ZIP or GZ.

Emulated stuff:

  • 6502 CPU and APU emulation.
  • NTSC PPU emulation.
  • Joypads 1 and 2.
  • Konami VRC6 sound expansion (Akumajou Densetsu / Madara).
  • [Partial] VS Unisystem.
  • Backed battery /

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What is RetroCopy?

Accurate and fun:

RetroCopy emulates home consoles and arcade systems so that you can play the games made for those different machines on your PC. RetroCopy simulates hardware extremely accurately which ensures that these classic games are represented exactly like they were on the real systems.

Rewriting history:

Reliving old memories isn't just about playing the games.

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Olafnes Rebuild


Olafnes is an enhanced unofficial continuation of the basicnes 2000 project (as of version 1.5 [debug level 1]), a nintendo entertainment system emulator by don jarrett, david finch, and tobias strömstedt. the majority of source code in olafnes was not written by me, therefore i take no credit for the appropriate portions. however, all additions/alterations to the source code of basicnes 2000

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NO$NES is a NES/FDS emulator/debugger for windows.



Nintendulator is an open source Win32 NES emulator written in C++. The original goal was to emulate the NES down to its hardware quirks; though it's fallen behind over the years, recent builds have caught up once again and can emulate certain behaviors most other emulators neglect to handle. However, this emulation precision comes at a price - a 1500MHz (estimated) or faster CPU is required to

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What is this?

Nestopia is an emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom (and Famicom Disk System). It is a computer program that acts like a physical piece of hardware. In other words, this is a method of preserving videogame history, with the welcome side effect of allowing you to play NES games on a modern computer.


Nestopia was started many years ago by Martin Freij, and

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NESticle is a DOS/Win95 based emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System written in C++/Assembly.

NESticle emulates the basic NES hardware, along with several of the memory mapping chips used by various games. 

What's emulated:

  • 6502 CPU
  • PPU
  • Horizontal/Vertical mirroring
  • Scrolling
  • 8x8 and 8x16 Sprites
  • Dual joypads
  • iNES Memory mappers fully/partially supported:

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NesterJ is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the Sony PSP.



Nessie is a NES emulator for Windows. You can use it to play NES/Famicom games on your PC.


Nessie provides a simple interface with only a few options, so that you can enjoy the games instead of having to tweak the program to make it work. This is sometimes good and somtimes bad since certain extra features are not available. However, if you're just looking to play some classic NES

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nesDS is an open-source NES emulator for the Nintendo DS. It can be compiled with GCC(devkitPRO/devkitARM, the version supported) or ADS(the original version, no update).


  • fds supported, with fds sound.
  • .ini supported.
  • Multi-players supported
  • DPCM added. The sound is nearly perfect.
  • short-cuts added.
  • Almost no graphic mess on a lot of games!
  • Cheat added.
  • .gz .zip

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My X Nes


My X Nes is a portable open source NES/FAMICOM emulator written in C# using XNA Framework for windows and Xbox 360 platforms. My X Nes is a port of My Nes emulator ""


  • Roms browser with bility to disblay additional information of each rom like snapshot and info.
  • Save/Load state in defferent 9 slots.
  • Support INES (*.nes) file format.
  • CPU :All 6502

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My Nes is a portable open source NES/FAMICOM emulator written in C#. It's EXACT nes cycle emulator, very accurate and uses exact ppu scanline timing. My Nes compatibility is very high, and most of the games that supported run perfectly.


  • Roms browser with bility to disblay additional information of each rom like snapshot and info.
  • Save/Load state in defferent 9 slots or in file using

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MoarNES is an emulator for the classic Nintendo Entertainment System video game console. It is relatively new, and currently still in alpha. It is being continuously worked on an improved with the goal of being among the best NES emulators available. Is it there yet? Not quite, but it's a very useable and fairly compatible emulator still at this point. It is written from scratch in C, with no

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Macifom is a highly-accurate NES emulator and debugger written in Objective-C that leverages the latest Mac OS X APIs to provide excellent performance and usability. The purpose of this project to facilitate new NES development on the Mac OS X platform while leveraging OS X technologies such as AppKit, OpenCL, CoreAudio, OpenGL and more!

The latest version of Macifom features:

  • Cycle-exact CPU

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MacFCEU is a  Mac OS-specific port of FCE Ultra 0.98.13 (an NES/Famicom emulator), and beyond. Classic and Carbon are supported exclusively.

Minimal Requirements:

  • System 7.1 or later (7.5.5+ recommended)
    • A 68020 or better - a 266MHz+ computer is necessary for real time performance; 333MHz+ for full, smooth performance, working speed features
    • Note: requirements may be lower with sound

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Jnes is a NES emulator for windows platforms that uses the DirectX API.

Its emulation capabilities include graphics, sound, input devices, and quite a few memory mapping boards found in most USA games and a few popular Japanese boards. Jnes boasts an intuitive user interface, instant saves, and movie recording to making playing NES games more enjoyable. One of the coolest features is the

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FCEUX is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Famicom, and Famicom Disk System (FDS) emulator. It supports both PAL (European) and NTSC (USA/JPN) modes. It supports both Windows and SDL versions for cross compatibility.

The FCEUX concept is that of an "all in one" emulator that offers accurate emulation and the best options for both casual play and a variety of more advanced emulator

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FakeNES is a highly portable, Open Source NES and Famicom emulator. It runs on all modern operating systems and has an actively maintained DOS port for enthusiasts. Support for phones and other mobile platforms is under development.

The majority of the project is entirely original code released under the zlib/libpng license. Contributed and third-party code is included under GNU licenses.

higan (bsnes)


higan (formerly bsnes) is a Nintendo multi-system emulator that began development on 2004-10-14. It currently supports the following systems:

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basicNES 2000


basicNES is an NES emulator for the Windows platform written in Visual Basic. It supports many mappers and runs many games accurately. Sound is MIDI.



A/NES is a NES/Famicom 8-bit emulator for Classic Amigas. It was coded by Morgan Johansson (me) and Fredrik Schultz. 

The emulator is entirely coded in 680x0 assembler and optimized for classic Amiga hardware.


  • Full 6502 emulation
  • Batterybackup support
  • GUI :)
  • Action Replay and Game Genie codesupport
  • Sound!
  • Famicom Disk System emulation (W.I.P)
  • Two player support
  • Support for

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80five (MarioNES)


80five (formerly MarioNES) is a Nintendo Entertainment system emulator for windows.



PocketNES is a Nintendo 8-bit emulator for Gameboy Advance.


  • Emulates the NES in full speed
  • Emulates all sound channels
  • Emulates some of the NES mappers (more info)
  • Link play support for up to 4 players, single cart and multi cart (more info)
  • Scaled mode: shrinks the NES display down to fit in the GBA screen, sprite scaling optional (more info)
  • Unscaled mode: the NES display is

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FCE Ultra GX


FCE Ultra GX is an NES emulator based on FCEUX. With it you can play NES games on your Wii/GameCube. The GUI is powered by libwiigui.


  • Wiimote, Nunchuk, Classic, and Gamecube controller support
  • iNES, FDS, VS, UNIF, and NSF ROM support
  • 1-4 Player support
  • Zapper support
  • RAM / State saving support
  • Custom controller configurations
  • SD, USB, DVD, SMB, Zip, and 7z support
  • Cheat

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LambNES is a open source NES emulator written in java mainly as an educational project.


  • working ppu
  • visualizations of palettes and pattern tables.


  • apu, several dozen mappers.



Xe is a multi system emulator for Windows and Linux that emulates many console and handheld video game systems that are no longer on the market. Xe is an original emulator written from scratch by one person. It is not a port or collection of other emulators.

Xe currently supports the following systems:

  • SG-1000
  • Famicom & Famicom Disk System / NES
  • Mark III / Master System
  • PC Engine & PC

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DSP Emulator


DSP Emulator is a Delphi & Lazarus+Free Pascal free emulator. It emulates multiple arcade machines, Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, NES, Coleco Vision...



BizHawk is a A multi-system emulator written in C#. BizHawk provides nice features for casual gamers such as full screen, and joypad support in addition to full rerecording and debugging tools for all system cores.

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YoshiNES is a Visual Basic Nes emulator. It's a modification of BasicNES, made by Don Jarret and David Finch. The BasicNES is a good emulator, but can be better. The YoshiNES have more stuff than BasicNES, like Pattern Table view, Pallete viewer, a lot of mappers, more filters, and more features.

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HalfNES is an open-source emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System, written in Java. Currently, it only runs as a standalone Java SE application. The current version is 0.048. Please report any problems you encounter with the emulator or with specific games in the Issues section of this site. A list of known broken games is available here.
Current Features:
  • Joystick support

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FCE Ultra mappers modified is a NES / Faimcom emulator mod project based upon FCE Ultra.




VPNES is a NES Emulator for Windows written in C++ and requires the SDL libraries.